Cash-and-carry flower shops

Every day, Gebroeders van der Lans bloemex BV purchases flowers for a great number of cash-and-carry flower shops in the Netherlands and abroad. Having run a cash-and-carry flower shop in Belgium for years, Gebroeders van der Lans knows from extensive personal experience just what cash-and-carry florists need.

We currently provide quite a few cash-and-carry flower shops in several countries with flowers. Just like every country has its own characteristics, every customer has their own wishes and requirements. Over the years, we have obtained a great deal of experience catering to all these different needs, which helps us meet customer-specific requirements. For instance, we have supplied Belgian florist Multifleurs with flowers for years.

Our clients have several ways of ordering flowers and telling us their specific requirements. We offer various ordering methods, including buying from a distance, allowing customers to bid on the flowers they want at auctions. In addition, clients can use our online shops, or make their preferences known by completing our flower ordering lists, after which we will purchase the indicated flowers.


Flower delivery drivers

Flower delivery drivers represent a kind of flower trade which suits our company to a T. We purchase flowers for several flower delivery drivers every day.

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For many years now, we have supplied a leading wholesaler of mixed and monofloral bouquets with all its flowers.

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